The affluence of our country is based upon the culture of ‘savoir faire’, style and elegance. We believe that Italy has great potential in the progress of fashion through support of our young talent. This is why we have decided to create a virtual business incubator dedicated to nurturing young designers, to offer them exposure and support with the means of promoting the high quality of ‘Made In Italy’ in design and craftsmanship all over the world. Working with the most important Italian fashion schools, we select each year, 15 young designers who can create innovations in the fashion world. Over the course of the year, under our guidance, the designers produce different collections which are sold through our e-shop. All the collections are financially backed by us, but it is you who will decide the success of the designers by voting for them and buying their garments. All the garments and accessories are of high quality, designed and made entirely in Italy. We want to take advantage of the great insight our country has to offer in choosing the right suppliers, finding the right textiles and the meticulous production of the garments, combining cutting edge business style with the time honoured virtue of Italian fashion. Tradition in craftsmanship combined with design innovation, is a dynamic partnership which sets us apart. Our mission is to offer you original and exclusive clothing and accessories which reveal new fashion trends which you yourselves have helped to identify by voting for your favourite designers.


Diletta Iaia


Since I was a child, I wanted to become an entrepreneur like my father.
So I studied economics and went into business immediately after my
graduation in ‘Business Economics’ at Bologna University. My father
passed away before I could share my professional growth with him, but
from him I inherited my best qualities; determination, sacrifice,
consistency and respect towards others which have allowed me to carry
on the business which he founded, with pride for the past eleven years.
To be a young woman in a predominantly masculine environment like the
medical sector, was considered by many a disadvantage and so I was
forced to hide my femininity behind professional rigor. For this reason,
fashion has always represented for me a moment to escape where I could
rediscover the creative part of my personality. I wore original and
exclusive clothing and accessories and looking out for designers who
represented new trends became one of my fostering passions during my
free time. A year ago, when, over lunch, Emanuele showed me his idea to
create a start up scheme for young designers to offer new impulse to
Italian fashion, I immediately realised that it was at this point that I
must start out afresh to better express my business sense. Because there
is nothing more satisfying in life than to have one’s passion as their

Grazia Meroni


Some describe me as a tireless Athena, dynamic and full of ambition -
that’s me. After a degree in Economics at the Università Cattolica, a
meaningful experience in Review Advisory at KPMG S.p.A. in Milan, a leap
into the world of the small to medium Italian business, following in the
footsteps of my father managing the family firm in the machinery sector,
I decided that I wanted to progress further. Many business trips abroad,
the awareness of the need of a new approach in doing business and the
continuous desire to learn, lead me to take an Executive MBA at the
SDA Bocconi University. This has been an enormous boost in developing
my dreams and where I met Diletta, a source of experience, energy
and determination. Together with Emanuele and Diletta, we understood
the strength of our ideas, we gave them substance, believing in the
abounding resources available within our country and in an evolving
awareness of business, based on sharing and awareness and the social
business model. Each one of us contributes our knowledge to the project
- what we want is to offer a real opportunity to deserving young
talent, a source of pure creativity, capitalising in the best
way possible on our culture of ‘savoir faire’, of style and elegance
which distinguishes the ‘Made In Italy’ title in the world. With the
fundamental contribution from Roberto, we offer style to business and
business to style. We believe in exclusivity and new trends.

Elegance is the representation of self, fashion its emblem (G.M.)

Emanuele Canegrati


Dynamic and intuitive, I like to transform apparent defeats into
sensational victories. Partly, because I like the competition and
because boredom is not for me. I’m a liberal economist and therefore
believe in the value of fair competition and the free market. In my
studies, I’ve always obtained the goals set for me, from my degree in
Economics at the Università Cattolica, to the Agostino Gemelli prize, to
my PhD in Economics and finance with experience at the London School of
Economics. In London, I met people from different cultures and walks of
life. After this I had other experiences in private and public finance,
from the Treasury to the Italian Parliament, from KPMG to HSBC Bank.
All of this combines with my interest to create new relationships and
be part of a team. My dream, above all, was to be an entrepreneur and
to contribute to the growth of Italy, the country I love, in difficult
times. To create progress and to offer work, this is the goal I desire
to reach. For a long time, I thought about establishing a start-up
scheme in the fashion field where we could take advantage of digital
technology to research new profitable trends. Information technology
and fashion – a winning pair that can create a new business model. Then
I was fortunate enough to know two exceptional people like Diletta
and Grazia with whom the idea began to take form. Thanks to Roberto,
the project entered into its executive phase. The best part? Seeing
our project grow day by day and being aware that creating something
yourself can also serve others, it’s a sensational feeling – even for an