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Irene Silvestri, born in 1985, is an Italian based independent Fashion Designer whose creative approach is describable as a coexistence ofintellectual – experimentalperspective on Fashion andpattern&technology research. In between her first Master Degree in Fashion Semiotics, gained in 2007 from University of Rome “La Sapienza”, and her second graduation from POLIMODA – International Institute for Fashion Design and Marketing- 2011, in Fashion Design, Irene collected several academic experiences as European ‘grand tour’ within art schools such as Fashion Department of Royal Academy of fine Arts of Antwerp and Central Saint Martins School of London. She defined and balanced her professional skills during an internship at Salvatore Ferragamo Menswear for the Spring-Summer and Pre-Fall 2013, contributing to build a clear vision onto technical aspects and developing a personal reinterpretation of Mens’ tailoring. In 2013 Irene established her own Fashion Brand, WHITE MOUTHS, with the aim of undertaking a new aesthetic quest: creating a neutral, unisex, unseasonal and transformable fashion identity. After its release in 2014 WHITE MOUTHS Capsule Collection appeared in several editorials: Vogue Arts, Harper’s Bazar, ELLE (U.S.A), Drew, Fuuucking Young!, Oppa Magazine, Punkt, Crackers Magazine, Lui Magazine, FAMO among others. White Mouths project raised attention of Contemporary Art context, thanks to partnerships and co-workings with performers, photographers, videomakers.



I (am) Experiment
Visionary, Utopian, Believer. Founder, Writer, Visual Artist. I’m “The stuff that dreams are made of.’‘ A ‘Cinemamateur’, a music addict digging music genres such as New Wave, No Wave, Glam, Retro and Post Punk, New Electro, IDM, Shoegaze. A timeless poetry nostalgic, a tragicomic character. Fashion overwhelmed me almost like an epiphany. Having Literature and Philosophy as starting points, gave me the chance to discover how Fashion would be a different and more interactive way to communicate, turning concepts directly into physical experiences. This is how I started manipulating words into volumes, commas and dots into stitches, experimenting, generating a new aesthetic. For my designs I chose an hybrid code , half way through unexpected shapes, urban and sophisticated streetwear, probably because these worlds are made out of ‘functions’ and ’structures’ exactly like language and allow to pinpoint technology as a surplus. Or, maybe, it’s because being born and raised in a Southern Tuscany wild area among seascapes, woods and hills, brought me particularly close to the sense of adaptability in the outdoor kingdom. What I’m going to achieve is a new generation of garments, modular and shareable, without forgetting how important is to correctly understand the contemporary needs of fashion market.


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